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Helping You Feel at Home in Residential

and Commercial Real Estate Transactions



For most people, buying or selling a home is a blizzard of forms, reports, documents and signatures. The people involved – real estate agents, loan officers, title representatives, home inspectors, closing agents – seem to mushroom along the way.


Commercial real estate transactions are more complicated. Issues of leases, zoning, land use and tax implications regularly figure in. Financing is another element with layers of complexity.


Don’t go it alone. The veteran real estate attorneys at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr have assisted clients in hundreds of real estate transactions, protecting their interests and ensuring they are fully apprised of every factor involved in a sale, purchase or lease.


Many people will never buy or lease commercial property. Most will, however, buy (and sell) a home at some point. A real estate agent usually guides the process, making recommendations and connecting all the dots.


While many have extensive experience, real estate agents cannot provide legal advice. The endless paperwork, often written in “legalese,” might seem confusing. A real estate attorney from Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr will remove all uncertainty by evaluating your documents, drafting offers or listing agreements, reviewing title insurance and, if needed, representing you at closing.


This information from the State Bar of Wisconsin offers guidance on how, and when, retaining legal counsel is advisable in a home sale or purchase:






Our work with commercial real estate transactions encompasses office, retail, industrial and investment projects. Like snowflakes, none are identical; however, our years of commercial real estate legal experience ensure that we can still safely navigate you through the transaction, even when obstacles do appear.


Every person or business likes a place to call “their own.” When you’re ready to buy or sell real estate, contact Gary J. Krawczyk, Michael W. Rohr, Matthew J. Krawczyk or Brian A. Romans to get the process moving in the right direction.