Personal Injury


Relieving the Pain for Personal

Injury Victims



It happens so fast.


One moment you’re driving, working or just minding your own business. Suddenly, you’re in an accident. The world turns upside down. You’re injured (maybe severely), in pain, and wondering what just happened.


Your first priority is medical attention. Once your condition stabilizes, other thoughts creep in. Will you miss work? Will you face medical bills? If an auto accident, how badly is your vehicle damaged?


Worse yet, are your injuries permanent or even disabling?


Personal injuries, and the incidents that cause them, are among the most publicized (and least understood) areas of law. Attorneys advertise on radio and TV, and attorney ads fill every corner of the cyber world.


You won’t find Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr in these locales. But if you’ve been injured, there’s no better personal injury legal team to have on your side.


The best approach? Educate yourself with the information on this page, especially the linked information from the Wisconsin State Bar.


Next, contact Gary J. Krawczyk or Michael W. Rohr to talk about what’s ahead. The first priority is getting you healed. The second is gaining just compensation for the pain, suffering and losses you’ve incurred – and might still endure in the future.



Personal Injury


How and where were you injured? These details make all the difference in whether a claim can be filed, and compensation sought. A traffic accident is much different than a workplace injury, or a slip-and-fall, or a dog bite, or a faulty product. Liability might not be obvious. Different insurance coverages factor in. The statutes of limitation vary. Yes, details matter.







Traffic accidents


Traffic accidents, no matter how minor, are traumatic. You’re probably shaken up. Still, you need to record all pertinent information. Be careful - it’s easy to miss critical details. Call police if necessary. If you’re cited, you face a decision on whether to contest the charge. If you’re injured, consulting an attorney is advisable to protect your rights and, at the least, ensure that your medical bills and other expenses are covered.






Personal injuries happen suddenly, yet can have life-changing impacts. Don’t worsen things by making a hasty choice of legal representation based on clever advertisements or pumped-up claims.

Instead, trust the time-tested legal savvy of Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr. Our attorneys have successfully represented injured clients for years. They just don’t need to broadcast it.