Business Law


Doing Business With an Eye on Business Success



Business makes America work.


The pursuit of business has long been one of dreams. Someone with a talent, or a good idea, can create a business. Add hard work and smart planning, and their potential is unlimited.


Starting and operating a business is about much more than finding customers and selling, though. The machinations of business, especially as it grows, create ever-greater need for policies and legal agreements that protect the company and its owners.


With years of experience counseling business clients, the business law attorneys at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr help companies of all sizes, and ages, move ahead with smart legal planning. From incorporation and partnership documents, to contracts of all types, our attorneys are proud to be a partner in your success.


First things first: A legal structure is fundamental to any business. The different types – sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies - offer varying liability protections and tax treatments. Over time, businesses often change their legal structure to diffuse liability and embrace more favorable tax laws.






As your company grows, Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr can assist with real estate transactions, labor issues, collections, buy-sell agreements, and succession planning.


Simply put, the business law attorneys at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr know business. Whether you’re a long-established operation, or an aspiring business owner, contact Michael W. Rohr, Matthew J. Krawczyk or Brian A. Romans to learn more.