About Us

Setting the Curve in Excellence for Seven Decades

“Family” can mean many things.


Most of all, it’s about bonds. Strong bonds. Lifelong bonds, that don’t break.


The theme of “family” runs through Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr, literally and figuratively. Three generations of one family have practiced with the firm, going back to its founding in 1958.

The entire team at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr was forged from longstanding relationships.  No one is here by accident.


Why does this matter to you? The legal world is often transient. Attorneys come and go. Clients get left behind. When you entrust your business, family or wealth to an attorney, having to change relationships mid-stream isn’t just difficult – it can be a tremendous leap of faith.


Here’s our promise: the attorneys serving you at Krawczyk, Duginski & Rohr aren’t going anywhere. Our firm is a destination, not a stepping stone. We will be here tomorrow, the year after, and long after that.


This stability, and promise, have created many client relationships lasting decades. We pride ourselves in treating clients with the qualities one attributes to family: trust, reliability, respect, understanding and fairness.


Along the way, a familial sense often develops. Bonds form. It might not be family per se, but it does create another reassuring, familiar notion – the comfort that someone is there for you, ready to help, and always looking out for your best interests.